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Setting Outlook to Offline Mode

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Do you know how to setting outlook to offline mode? Watch this to find out!

Setting Outlook to Offline Mode

You can set Outlook to offline mode so that it is possible to work without sending or receiving messages. Pay attention to the offline mode status indicator at the bottom of the window. If you disconnect from the Internet, you can keep working, however, outgoing messages and calendar invitations cannot be sent until you reconnect. Navigate to the Send and Receive ribbon in Outlook 2016 for Windows or the Tools ribbon on your Mac.

Activating the Work Offline button means that you are in offline mode. To reestablish the connection, make sure that you are online, and then click this button to turn off offline mode. Outlook will attempt to reconnect when the connection is stable and the status display will update. You can also intentionally switch to offline mode if you want to pause incoming and outgoing messages for a certain amount of time. 

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