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Automatic translation of a document in Microsoft Word

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Do you know how automatic translation of a document in Microsoft Word? Watch this to find out!

Automatic translation of a document in Microsoft Word

Word provides an integrated language translator that has been updated to work more seamlessly in Office 2019 and Office 365. Go to the Review Panel and select the Translate menu.

To view a translated version of the complete document, select Translate Document.

If this is your first time, you need to turn on the intelligent services.

Specify the original language and the language you want to translate into. Automatic detection usually works, but you can also set the original language manually.

Press the Translate button, and your translated version of the document will open in a new window.

You can also select part of the text and then choose Translate Selection from the Translate menu.

Confirm the settings and then click Paste to transfer the translated text to the document. 

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