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Controlling how items are pasted in Microsoft Word

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Do you know how to controll how items are pasted in Microsoft Word? Watch this to find out!

Controlling how items are pasted in Microsoft Word

You can control the way items are added to Microsoft Word. I copied some data directly from Excel. So in Word, when you click the Paste button on the Home Ribbon tab, there are a few options.

Keep Source Formatting inserts the item precisely as it was in the location you copied it from, no matter what your document looks like.

Use destination styles inserts the text font and formatting contained in the pasted paragraph.

The two Link options are identical to the previous two, with the exception that the data remains linked to the Excel file from which you copied it, and you can manually update the data from the Excel file at any time.

If you paste it as an image, you cannot edit text, but you can apply similar formatting to shapes in other images.

When you paste it as plain text, “Keep Text Only” will paste the text as plain text and ignore formatting such as tables, images and italics.

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