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Changing the format of a picture in Microsoft Word

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Do you know how to change the format of a picture in Microsoft Word? Watch this to find out!

Changing the format of a picture in Microsoft Word

As you add images to a document, you can use the formatting options to customize the appearance of the image on the page. Select an image by simply clicking on it, and the new Ribbon will appear, the Picture Tools formatting ribbon.

There are many options here. In the Wrap Text menu, you can choose whether the image should be in line with the text, as if it were a word in a sinus, or whether it should be written with text at the top, bottom, and sides.

You can use the Crop tool to resize the image and remove unwanted parts, adjust the borders of the cropping area, and press Enter to apply it.

The Corrections, Colors, and Artistic Effects provide some quick automatic adjustments to improve the appearance of an image.

You can easily apply these adjustments with one click. These are only a couple of the options. You might want to spend some time exploring the other image formatting tools you can find here.

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