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Removing advertisements in Outlook

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Do you know how to remove advertisements in Outlook? Watch this to find out!

Removing advertisements in Outlook

When you use to get easy access to your e-mail, and you prefer not to see advertisements in your web browser window or share screen space with your e-mail, you can upgrade your account.

Simply select the Upgrade to advertising-free link and a new browser tab will open. Click here to find out about upgrading to Outlook Premium. If you’re not an Office 365 subscriber, you can also sign up for either Office 365 Home or Personal from here – both include the Outlook 2016 desktop application. If you don’t want to spend the money to upgrade your account just to block ads, you can install one of unlimited ad blockers for your Web browser.

One example is uBlock- available at If uBlock is enabled, you will not get back the space that the ad space takes up, but the ads themselves will not be displayed.  

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