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Opening a PDF document in Microsort Word

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Do you know how to opening a PDF document in Microsort Word? Watch this to find out!

Opening a PDF document in Microsort Word

Microsoft Word provides the ability to open PDF documents and transform them into manageable content. This can be very useful if you no longer have direct access to the original documents that were used to create the PDF file. If you open and locate the PDF file just like a normal Word document, you will see a message telling you that Word is being turned from a PDF into an editable Word file. Word optimizes the transformation for text editing.

Therefore, the layout of the PDF will most likely not match with that of the document, especially if the PDF file contains many images. Select OK to start the process of conversion.

Based on the size of your PDF file, it may take from a few seconds to a couple of minutes to complete. But once the conversion is finished, you will see your PDF file as a Word document, and at this point you will have the option to select, add, delete, or modify the content in any other way, and when you are finished, save your file as any other Word document. 

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