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Adding an automatic page number in Microsoft Word

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Do you know how to add an automatic page number in Microsoft Word? Watch this to find out!

Adding an automatic page number in Microsoft Word

In order to add automatic page numbers to a document in Word, select the insert tab and click the button with the page number.

Select a place where the page numbers should appear, for example, at the bottom of the page.

Then select the style where and how the page numbers will appear.

If you would like to customize the look of page numbers, simply select one of them, navigate to the main ribbon, and then apply your changes.

Returning to the “Design” tab, you can click on the closed title and bottom footer or click the “Escape” button. Now every page of the document should be numbered in the style you have chosen.

If you prefer not to have the page number on the first page, go back to the insert tab and select the header or footer, depending on where you put the page numbers and then select Edit Header or Then select another variant of the first page.

This way, the page number will be deleted from the first page while you save the numbering from the second page. SAS allows you to have different titles in the header or footer area of your first page.

Press the Escape button when you are done. You will see your user header or footer on the first page and page number on all next pages.

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