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Locking the header rows and columns in Excel

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Do you know how to lock the header rows and columns in Excel? Watch this to find out!

Locking the header rows and columns in Excel

If you are working with a huge amount of data in a spreadsheet, it may be challenging to find out which category or heading the data in a cell matches, particularly if the rows or columns you are comparing are far apart. Another way to solve this problem would be to lock the header rows or columns. Navigate to the View Ribbon. Click the Freeze panes button. And in this case, I select Freeze the first column. If I now scroll horizontally, the first column remains on the screen.

In a similar way, you can also freeze the top row, so that when I scroll down vertically, the header row also remains in place. Click on unfreeze areas to restore regular scrolling.

To freeze the top three rows here, press to select the row or column just after the last one you want to freeze, in this case row four, and then click Freeze Window. Now, scrolling, these first three rows are frozen in place.

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