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Sign in to the Google Calendar account in Outlook

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Do you know how sign in to the Google Calendar account in Microsoft Outlook? Watch this to find out!

Sign in to the Google Calendar account in Outlook

To Sign in to the Google Calendar account, go to the account in the left column under My Calendars. Hover your mouse over the calendar you want to add to Outlook and press the drop-down arrow. 

Choose Calendar Settings – scroll down to a private address and click the icon. To copy the link, right-click on it, choose Copy Link Address, then browse Outlook – below the File tab, click on the Account Settings button and choose Account Settings.

At this point, under the Internet Calendar tab, select New and then insert the address that you copied from your Google Calendar. Press Add and the windows will open – in the Folder name field insert the name of the calendar as you would like it to appear in Outlook, click OK and exit the Account settings window.

The calendar should now appear here in Outlook, so from this point on, whenever you start Outlook, your Google Calendar will scan for updates and automatically download any changes so that they are displayed here in Outlook. Furthermore, keeping Outlook open will allow you to check for and download updates regularly. Keep in mind, however, that any modifications you make in Outlook will not be applied to your Google Calendar. If you want to make changes to your Google Calendar, you need to open and edit it in your browser as you usually do. 

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