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Adding word count in Microsoft Word

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Do you know how to add word count in Microsoft Word ? Watch this to find out!

Adding word count in Microsoft Word

Sometimes it can be useful to insert the word count of your document into the file format directly. To begin, select the section of your document in which you would like the word count to be displayed. Navigate to the Insert toolbar, click the Quick Parts button and select Field.

Select the NumWords field and press OK. The word count is automatically placed here.

However, this is not a live word counter. So if you add more words, the number will not be updated automatically. But you can update the count manually by right-clicking on it and selecting Update Field.

Additionally, keep in mind that if you plan to print your document, you can go to File, Options, View and here make sure that Update fields are checked before printing. This will guarantee that your word count is correct whenever you print the document.

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