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Starting the numbering on a different page in Microsoft Word

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Do you know how to start the numbering on a different page in Microsoft Word? Watch this to find out!

Starting the numbering on a different page in Microsoft Word

To start numbering on another page, move to the first page of the document where you want to start numbering and click at the top of this page.

Then go to the Layout tab and select breaks, the next page

If I go back to the Home tab and click this button here to show the invisible formatting elements, you can see there’s now a section break here on the previous page.

Then we come to the “Insert” tab. Here click on the button with the page number and select a style for your page numbers. For this example, I will select the lower center and you can see that continuous numbering has been added starting from the first page. But in this case I want the numbering to start here, on page 4.

So, with the page footer still visible here in the design tab, I will delete the link to the previous one. This separates this page from the previous one.

Next I will go back to the insert tab and here I will click on the page number and format the page numbers.

In the “Page numbering” section I will select “Start with” and make sure that number 1 is entered here. I will press OK and that’ s it. Now the numbering starts on the fourth page of my document.

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